Centrifugal Casting

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MCC International is a leader in the centrifugal casting and finish machining of high grade, centrifugally cast ferrous and non-ferrous products used in applications ranging from steel mills to power transmission lines to elevators. Our unique near-net shape centrifugal casting process enables us to cast and machine complex, irregular and concentric shapes in a wide range of diameters and weights. Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA which enables us to better manage the quality and responsiveness of our products.

Centrifugal casting is in effect "liquid forging" or pressure casting in that molten bronze is forced against the mold wall under relatively high pressure.

Our centrifugal casting process allows us to cost-effectively manufacture ferrous rolls and sleeves and the ability to cast and machine complex sleeves.

Non-Ferrous catings

MCC International specializes in centrifugally cast and machined non-ferrous materials including Gear Bronze, Manganese Bronze and Aluminum-Bronze.

Benefits of Centrifugal Castings

  • Minimization of Defects (Shrinkage, Voids, Gas Entrapment)
  • Superior (Finer) Grain Structure
  • Higher Mechanical Properties (Strength, Ductility, Toughness)
  • Directional Solidification that Minimizes Impurities

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Benefits of Bi-Metal Casting

  • Combines Best Properties of Two Different Materials
  • More Cost-Effective
  • Allows Production of High-Wear Resistant Shells with Tough Inner Cores
  • Improves Both Wear- and Breakage-Resistance

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